Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fashion Week in Peshawar

Get ready for some miraculous way a sense of glamor and artistic imagination to happen in the city of Peshawar experience.
Yes, after Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, Peshawar is already ready for the big arena of Pakistani fashion industry with her ​​Peshawar Fashion week to happen in 2011. The credit for this revolutionary change going to Peshawar Waqas Ahmed of the Fashion Council, which is so determined to Peshawar to enter into the glamorous world of fashion.

Pakistani Model
Pakistani Model in Traditional Costum

“I had worked with Style 360 for the last six years and even when my friends approached in the fashion industry, they laughed at me. But I felt like any big city can be a fashion week, why not Peshawar? We have a lot of talent that should only be dug up and fed. There are many women in designing and selling clothes from their own boutiques and photographers are here. With the right kind of media projection, even these small-scale designers can be Yasin Hassan Sheheryar Andi Khawar Riaz, “said Waqas incredibly determined.

Pakistani model wears traditional dress
Pakistani model wears traditional dress

“I want the image of Peshawar, which is very backward to eliminate wrong. Even last month we had the design students of Iqra University to present their thesis as a fashion show,” he added.

Peshawar Fashion Week
Peshawar Fashion Week

“I will do my best to make this company a success and with the support of a few famous designers and models I’m sure this project we set off on a positive path.”
Let’s hope Pakistan fashion industry would be another platform to project Pakistan as a city of culture and creativity, rather than terrorism and racism!

Waqas Ahmad plans to organise an independent fashion week for Peshawar in April
PESHAWAR:  Twenty-seven year old Waqas Ahmad wouldn’t be recognised on the front rows of any fashion event in Pakistan. But his plans to organise fashion week in Peshawar got him noticed — and earned him rebuke of sorts from stylist Tariq Amin, who reportedly said he “was offended” that Islamabad Fashion Week was being compared to fashion week in Peshawar.
Peshawar’s cultural calendar for young teenagers is steadily being filled up. Call and Strings have performed there recently, and its famed venue — Nishtar Hall, has been opened for events again after several years of closure.
Ahmad’s plan for fashion week is ambitious. A concert  “maybe by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan” is being planned for the event, as are showings by designers.
“The idea is to show the rich culture of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the crafts, the traditions. Most of the clothes shown at the local fashion weeks aren’t wearable. There are a number of designers here, of both menswear and womenswear.  The womenswear is usually bridals or for parties.”
“I do see a future for the event,” Ahmad told The Express Tribune. “It is a good activity for Peshawar’s talent and we have models and designers here who would want to participate.”
Having worked for Fashion TV abroad, Ahmad has been working for AVT Channel in Peshawar for five years. “I have been advised by my seniors to do as much as I can realistically. So the event may be a two-day one instead of three days, though ideally I want to have a three-day event.”
The event is being planned by the Peshawar Youth Organisation.
While many fashionistas brushed off the idea of the event, Ahmad says he has found his supporters in Style360’s Omar Qamar and Catwalk’s Frieha Altaf. Additionally, he says, companies are excited about working in Peshawar. “Everyone is ready for the event. It’s a virgin market and everyone would love to be the first entrant here.”
Ahmad also realises he will need to look to Lahore and Islamabad for help with logistics. “Lights, make-up, ramps, sound — we will look to professionals from other cities for these.”
He is also speaking to potential sponsors which have shown interest in the event. “I am also in contact with the provincial minister Aqil Shah, who is responsible for the portfolios of sports, culture, tourism, archives and youth affairs.
“I am not doing this for myself,” Ahmad points out. “I am doing this to promote people, from students of fashion design schools  to existing designers. I already have a job and am settled,  but I want to do this event for Peshawar and the province, and I want to do it in a positive way.”

Peshawar Fashion Show

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